Globalization has built the presence of companies in many locations. Recruiting and managing their employees in these locations may be a potential risk. We provide staffing solutions to ease this geographical hitch for both the employees and the employers. Employees can work in the locations of their preference.

We offer recruiting and staffing solutions across various locations placing the right resources for your global or local operations. We cater to permanent or cyclical needs of our clients with contract or contract to hire services. We support your short term projects or seasonal needs through contract staff, adhering to the quality of the employee that is provided. This allows you to maintain your employee levels and the cost associated with them while retaining best talent work for you as well. You may even hire the contract staffs on rolls of the company permanently depending on his performance if you have the required vacancy.

We offer to manage the entire employee life cycle for temporary staffing without you having to put in any effort for the same. Our experienced team of recruiters conducts interviews and selects the right candidate for you. We handle grievance if any of temporary staff, and resolve it at the earliest.Brooklyn is a complete solution for all your recruitment and staffing needs.